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Tears of joy as residents receive their title deeds Print E-mail
11 July 2017

Even if I were to die tomorrow, I would do so in peace knowing my children have a place they call home,” said an elated but tearful 57-year-old Yoliswa Mungeka.

The mother of two’s mixed emotions were understandable. After waiting for 17 years, she is only now officially recognised as the rightful owner of the house she lives in.

Mungeka was one of 265 residents who were issued with title deeds by City of Johannesburg housing officials at the Bramfischerville Multipurpose Centre in Region C on Monday July 10.

“I arrived in Bramfischerville in 2000. Even though I was happy to have been allocated a house, I was concerned that I did not have the necessary papers proving that it indeed belonged to me,” said Mungeka.

“I must say that the title deed comes at a time when I had given up. I was promised I would get it the moment I moved into the house 17 years ago. But that never happened. That is why I still don’t believe this is happening. I really would like to thank the City for giving us this gift,” she said.

Title deeds are legal documents that give recipients the right of ownership of both the land and the house on which it has been built.

Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba has since taking over the reins been prioritising the issuing of title deeds to property owners who have been waiting for them for years, if not decades, saying “title deeds help to restore our people’s dignity”.

Another title-deed recipient, Julia Ditoe, said she was delighted as it would enable her to make decisions about her life and the lives of her children and grandchildren. She said she had always wanted to renovate her house but could not do so as she did not have the “right papers”.

“I did not want to do that only for someone else to walk in and kick me out of the house,” said Ditoe.

“This is an important piece of paper. It will ensure that my family and I do not lose our home to people who may lay claim to it one day. I believe the issuing of these title deeds is the beginning of many great things to come from our Mayor,” said Ditoe.

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Last Updated on 11 July 2017