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Extended clinic hours a life saver for Joburg residents Print E-mail
01 November 2017

“Somebody, please help,” Jane Radebe calls out, frantically pacing to the front desk carrying a young boy.
Radebe is eager to get medical attention for her son, but the 37-year old is stunned to see the large number of people sitting calmly while they wait to receive assistance from professional nurses at Protea Glen Clinic in Soweto.

Radebe’s son 3-year old, Musawenkosi, who is suffering from Molluscum Contagiousum (a skin disorder), is immediately attended to by Professional Nurse Nthabiseng Sedumedi, who examines the degree of the outbreak.
Afterwards Radebe is given a referral letter to the local hospital where a dermatologist will remove the lesions surgically.

For many residents such as Radebe, the extended operating hours initiated from October 1 2017 at some of the clinics operated by the City of Johannesburg have brought much-needed relief and promise a better future in ensuring that residents have access to quality healthcare without compromising their livelihoods.
Since the introduction of the extended hours, the Protea Glen Clinic has been operating from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and from 7:30am to 13:30pm on Saturday including public holidays.

The number of patients visiting the clinic has increased, attracting residents from Protea South and North and other parts of deep Soweto.
Radebe says she is relived about the extended operating hours and grateful to the City of Johannesburg that their requests have finally been met. “Before the extended hours were introduced, I really had no options. I always had to rely on family members and neighbours to take my child to the clinic whenever he fell ill,” says Radebe.
Nurse Sedumedi says she and her colleagues are now able to attend to more patients. “Being able to assist people who are unable to make it during normal operating hours is rewarding and I end each day feeling fulfilled,” she says.

The clinic provides comprehensive primary healthcare services which include primary health care services, preventative services as well as curative services across all age groups.
Nurse Sedumedi says that on average the cases received during the extended hours are of acute curative nature such as influenza, headaches, minor injuries such as burns and scalds.

The Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, Cllr Herman Mashaba, launched the pilot project at the Princess Clinic in Roodepoort, Region C with the aim of strengthening primary health care services last year October.
Freedom Park and Hikensile Clinics in Region A, Randburg Clinic in Region B, Zandspruit Clinic in Region C and Albert Street in Region F also rolled out the extended hours programme on April 1 2017.

Radebe expressed hope that more clinics implement extended operating hours so that all the residents in the City of Johannesburg can enjoy the same benefits.
Following the great strides achieved by the City, the Social Development Department has since been incorporated into the integrated team to focus on the wellbeing of families, children and young people. The department’s interventions address food security insecurity, quality of early childhood education, drug abuse and addiction in indigent households

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