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Pro poor government raised as a concern at Emmerantia IDP Print E-mail
09 November 2017
Some residents of Region B are concerned with the City administration’s stance of being unapologetically pro poor as they feel this implies depriving those who are not deemed poor of City services.
This was the sentiment expressed by the audience at the Integrated Development Planning (IDP) feedback session held at Marks Park, Emmarentia on 8 November 2017.
The wards in attendance included wards 86, 87, 88, 90 and 117.
“We are worried that our government is directing almost all services towards so called poor communities, and in the process neglecting other areasvices. How do you determine a poor area when you have poor people living in areas not deemed poor?” asked Sharol from ward 117. 
Responding to the community’s fear, City of Johannesburg’s Member of Mayoral Council for Corporate and Shared Services, Cllr Ntombi Khumalo, explained that the budget is determined by demand in a particular area. “The greater the need for particular services, the greater the budget allocated,” said MMC Khumalo.
“In order for budget to be allocated or directed towards certain projects, your councilor needs to take your concerns forward and they will be budgeted for.” 
The MMC further encouraged residents to attend meetings with councilors and use that platform to determine what needs to be improved in their areas.
“Make use of these four (4) meetings with your councilor and ensure that your concerns are attended to. Failure by the councilor to forward your issues means no budget will be allocated, and should you feel that your councilor is failing you, there are proper channels to follow to have him removed.”
Residents also expressed concern about the red tape they encounter when trying to undertake developments with the private sector. “Albertsville remains the same after many years, nothing is being done by the government and the red tape means private sector is discouraged from helping the community,” complained a resident. 
“The City promotes private public partnerships, and we highly encourage collaboration between the two, however, in so doing let us be guided by legislation,” responded MMC Khumalo. 
Other issues raised by the residents include the involvement of SMEs in projects undertaken in their region, redirecting of funds in case of underspending, redirecting funds meant for the Zoo upgrade to fix roads, storm water and traffic lights. 
“Budgeting is a complex exercise, we need to think backlog versus what we have. More projects are in the pipeline, such as the Randburg CBD Regeneration Renewal Precinct, construction of a multipurpose center, traffic calming measures, to mention a few,” said MMC Khumalo 
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Last Updated on 10 November 2017