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City pledges to curb crime at Region F IDP feedback session Print E-mail
13 November 2017

“Safety is a major concern in Region F.

Let me make this clear, I understand your frustrations,” Member of the Mayoral Committee for Development Planning Cllr Funzela Ngobeni told residents at the Yeoville Recreation Centre on Friday night.

MMC Ngobeni was addressing an Integrated Development Plan feedback session of Region F communities.

The sessions aim to outline the City’s strategies, priorities towards development, give feedback on issues raised from previous consultation processes and give an update on progress made and budget allocated per wards within Region F.

“I also want to assure you that we’re improving our checks and balances. The City is monitoring performance and punishing non-delivery so that you can see a difference in how we do things,” said MMC Ngobeni.

He reassured residents that the City would increase the number of JMPD officers to enhance police visibility at any given time of the day to deal with issues of crime and drug abuse.

“We are committed to increase crime prevention efforts, with a focus on increased visible policing, in order to create a safe city for residents and deal with the drug problem within the City. Transparency is key in running the City of Joburg,” said MMC Ngobeni before giving residents a chance to air their complaints.

A resident told MMC Ngobeni, who was accompanied by Speaker of Council Cllr Vasco da Gama and Regional Director Irene Mafune, that the old Yeoville Police Station was derelict and could soon turn into a haven for criminals. Chairman of the Observatory Ratepayers’ Association Pieter van Zyl said City officials were not serious about addressing residents’ issues.

“I submitted the very same wish list to you, Cllr Ngobeni, earlier this year and nothing has been done.”

Another resident said the filth in Yeoville was unbearable and it seemed City officials did not care. “We can’t live in a city like this. It’s disgusting.”

Observatory resident Joseph Dube said JMPD was unable to police the unbearable noise pollution in Yeoville and Ellen Ngomane said Rockey Street, Yeoville’s major throughfare road, was crime ridden. She added that illegal churches were still mushrooming around Yeoville.

In his response, MMC Ngobeni said the City can only do so much. Residents also needed to be the eyes and ears of the City. They needed to help JMPD to enforce bylaws.

“Very soon Municipal Courts will be up and running again and law and order will be maintained. The City is also appealing to Home Affairs to do its work and ensure that illegal immigrants do not strain Joburg’s already stretched resources,” said MMC Ngobeni.


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Last Updated on 22 November 2017