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More JMPD officers to make Jozi streets safer Print E-mail
21 November 2017

“Stand in the power of what you know to be right, good and honest as you step forward in your role as a JMPD officer.

Go forth and serve residents of this beautiful city with pride.”

This was the message of City of Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba, to the 233 Joburg Metro Police Department officers who graduated this morning, 21 November 2017.

Most of the graduating officers had previously served as Peace Officers at the JMPD as part of the Expanded Public Works Programme.

Earlier this year, the city welcomed 117 new officers to the JMPD to bolster its drive to prevent crime, to ensure that by-laws are upheld and enforce traffic management. Joburg also recently recruited an additional 1 500 young people to bolster the capacity of the JMPD.

“I believe that it is the addition of new officers, and the efforts of the entire JMPD force as a whole, that have resulted in a significant decrease in crime stats in our first quarter of our financial year. There has been a 3% reduction in burglaries taking place on business premises, an almost 8% reduction in burglaries taking place at residential properties, an almost 4% reduction of common robbery, and an 8% decrease in motor vehicle theft.

“A decrease in the percentages shows how a capacitated, disciplined, and hardworking Metro Police force can yield positive results if they are dedicated and committed to upholding bylaws, law and order, and security in the city,” said Mayor Mashaba.

He said more JMPD officers will further reduce crime statistics and bring about a safer, more secure, and peaceful Johannesburg.

“Graduates, be proud of the uniform you wear and the commitment it has taken to earn it, and go forward, standing firm in the pledge you have made to serve the city. Every action you take, every encounter you engage in must be towards the fight against lawlessness and corruption, and upholding the prescripts of our constitution, on which our laws are based. Unfortunately, the city abounds with people who think that R100 here or a KFC meal there will excuse them from their infringements or acts of lawlessness,” said Mayor Mashaba.

The mayor said Joburg was currently exposed to elevated levels of drug dealing and addiction, human trafficking, buildings hijacked by unscrupulous landlords, and significant vandalism of city-owned infrastructure.

“The monthly net migration of 3 000 people into our city exacerbates the demand on resources. Each of these issues require expert handling, especially in cases of conflict, and often, in the absence of SAPS officers, it will be up to JMPD officers to manage them,” said Mayor Mashaba.


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Last Updated on 21 November 2017