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Lenasia community raises service delivery issues Print E-mail
23 November 2017
Lenasia IDP
The community of Lenasia and surrounding areas have indicated that the City has been neglecting them since the dawn of democracy. 

This was a sentiment echoed by all community members at the Integrated Development Planning Session held on Wednesday, 22 November 2017, at the Lenasia Civic Centre.

“We as the community of Lenasia feel that government has not prioritised our needs for the longest of time,” cried one community member.

“Last year, you conducted a session similar, however, the concerns that we raised then have not been addressed, nor are they included in the current feedback session.”
Moreover, there is a huge outcry about lack of development in informal settlements.

“For years we have not seen any development in areas like Maxon Manor, Lehae and Thembelihle, our daily lives are a struggle. We cannot even open bank accounts because we cannot access proof of residence.”

“The police station in Lenasia is too far for our people, so is the library, which poses a risk to our children who have to walk long distances to access the library. Our children have no park to play on, and those parks situated in other areas have been taken over by criminals.”

The lack of sports facilities was also raised as a major concern. “We are stuck with old, dilapidated sports facilities, built before the dawn of democracy, and we are not consulted whenever the minor upgrades are done, and that results in wasteful expenditure.

“We are in urgent need of revamped cricket grounds, it is appalling that this community contributes close to fifteen percent of teams participating in cricket tournaments around Johannesburg, yet we don’t even have proper facilities in what remains of our cricket grounds.”

Addressing some of the challenges raised by the community, Johannesburg’s Member of Mayoral Council for Housing, Cllr Mzobanzi Ntuli, indicated that the City is working on increasing economic development by five percent to give people of the City access to job opportunities.

“As an administration that is unashamedly pro-poor, we are working around the clock to ensure that communities have access to basic services because that is a non-negotiable,” said MMC Ntuli.

“Furthermore, various projects are in the pipeline to ensure that people have access to services. We will be upgrading and replacing sewer in Orange Farm, there is a planned development of bulk and internal infrastructure in Lehae Extension 1, to mention a few.”

Recreation and multipurpose centres will be built in Albertus Pop, Finetown and Protea South as well as the construction of a stadium, swimming pools, tennis courts and sports grounds in areas including Eldorado Park and Ennerdale, residents heard.


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Last Updated on 23 November 2017