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JCPZ takes A Re Sebetseng to Avalon Precinct Print E-mail
30 January 2018
The Avalon Precinct, which forms part of Avalon Cemetery and the historical Chiawelo Koppie, received a massive clean-up today. The precinct is 7.89 hectares and falls within the area of responsibility of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ). 

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo has committed to tackling peak seasonal demands by embarking on mega blitz operations in the City, which will transform areas of concern into liveable spaces for the enjoyment of the diverse people of Joburg. This is to promote the safe use of public open spaces, and to afford all the people of Joburg, especially the previously forgotten people, the opportunity to enjoy city amenities.

The current administration of the City, under the stewardship of the Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba, is committed to making Johannesburg one of the cleanest cities not only in Africa, but in the world.

A cleaner and safer City will drive away the criminal elements which terrorise residents and lessen business in the City. This is why the Mayor launched the A Re Sebetseng campaign in August of 2017, to get all community members within the city committed to transforming the City.

The Koppie, which is part of the precinct, is one of the highest points in Soweto. It is also a place of historical significance as it was used as a rendezvous for political discussions during the Apartheid era. The Koppie is one of Soweto’s tourist attractions, and was once visited by the former Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Kofi Annan.

Equally, the Avalon Cemetery is one of the biggest cemeteries within the City, where loved ones are laid to rest. As a cemetery that has reached full capacity, and is no longer used for primary burials, it is not cleaned as regularly as active cemeteries. Due to the heavy rains in the province the grass and invasive plants grow quicker and create a need for regular cleaning. The clean-up today aimed to rid the Koppie of alien invasive plants and increase the visibility of the community so as to discourage criminal activities in and around the precinct.

Approximately 150 City staff and EPWP workers were involved in the clean-up operation by cutting away long grass, pruning trees, picking up litter and removing illegal dumping. I was joined by members of the public, the management and staff of JCPZ, in partnership with Working with Water, Pikitup and JMPD. This was the first of regional clean-up operations that will be implemented across the City. Others will follow in coming months.

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Last Updated on 30 January 2018