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The City’s Operation Buya Mthetho gets rolling from today Print E-mail
05 February 2018
The City of Johannesburg is today launching Operation Buya Mthetho in an effort to reclaim Jozi from criminals and to ensure stricter by-law enforcement among residents and businesses.

Operation Buya Mthetho, which is “Bring Back the Law” in isiZulu, will be led by the recently appointed Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s Chief David Tembe.

He will be supported by senior officials from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) and other departments.

The Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg said the current administration was doing all within its power to restore law and order in Jozi.

“Operation Buya Mthetho is a new initiative aimed at enforcing by-laws and bringing back the rule of law to the City. For a long time criminals elements have been allowed to operate with impunity. This new operation will put a stop to that,” said Mayor Mashaba.

This operation will be conducted daily in the form of ward-based raids of hotspot sites. Operation Buya Mthetho will be a joint operation by all key City departments and entities such as Disaster Management, Environmental Health, Social Development, Infrastructure Services, the City’s legal department and Development Planning, to name a few.

Chief Tembe said the operation’s main focus will be to ensure by-laws are adhered to by all in the City and that the rule of law becomes the order of the day.

“The City, working with all law enforcement agencies, will not leave any stone unturned when dealing with criminal activities within our jurisdiction. It is essential that we bring back the rule of law in our City and reclaim it from criminal elements such as landlords who neglect to pay municipal bills, criminals that hijack buildings and those who destroy communities by running illegal alcohol outlets,” said Chief Tembe.

Mayor Mashaba urged all residents and businesses to give the new initiative their support.

“Operation Buya Mthetho affirms the current administration’s commitment to ensuring that we stop the rot in our City and make it a prosperous and inclusive place for our people to live, work and play in. I hope Johannesburg residents will support our initiative and report crime and criminals to law enforcement authorities,” said Mayor Mashaba.

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