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City of Joburg to insource security services Print E-mail
08 February 2018

Following months of deliberations, the City of Johannesburg has announced that it will soon complete the insourcing of 4 000 contract security workers spread across its 103 buildings.

The announcement follows City of Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba’s commitment to bring the crucial function into the City during the State of the City Address last year.

“I would also like to acknowledge the role played by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in working closely with us to address this matter. Currently, the City outsources its security services through over 150 contracts with service providers,” said Mayor Mashaba.

The City has paid, on average, R14 000 per security officer. However, these officers received as little as R4 500 as a salary a month.

“Our approach in this matter was to find a means of offering these contract workers the dignity of fair pay, stable employment and benefits available to employees of the City. Currently, the City is undergoing an extensive process to ensure the smooth integration of security personnel into the City while guaranteeing the financial sustainability of the entire operation,” said Mayor Mashaba. 

Due to the complexities of local government regulations, cases of corruption, contractual commitments and legal considerations, the time taken to implement this process has been considerable.

“My original plan was to have had this project implemented by 1 January 2018. I would like to sincerely apologise for the delay. I am pleased to report that outside expertise has been brought in to assist with the finalisation of the insourcing project,” said Mayor Mashaba.

As part of the City’s implementation process, preference will be given to those security contract workers who provided services to the City at the time the insourcing project was first announced. Once this has been initiated, Joburg will begin a similar process for workers contracted to provide cleaning services to the City.

“It is rewarding that this achievement has arisen from the collaboration between multi-party coalition, working with the EFF. This is an example of the good we can achieve when we work together towards a common purpose and the betterment of all. I look forward to being able to announce the commencement of the insourcing of security personnel in the near future,” said Mayor Mashaba.

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