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PAIA, 2000 (Act 2 of 2000) 

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13 February 2007

Suburbs in Region F


Abmarie, Aeroton, Aeroton Extensions, Alan Manor, Alan Manor Ext.2, Alveda Ext.2, Aspen Hills, Aspen Hills Extensions, Baragwanath, Baragwanath Ext.1, Bassonia, Bassonia Ext.1, Bellavista Estate, Bellevue, Bellevue East, Benrose, Benrose Extensions, Berea, Bertrams, Bezuidenhout Valley, Booysens, Booysens Reserve, Booysens Reserve Ext.1, Braamfontein Werf, Braamfontein Werf Ext.1, Braampark, Burghersdorp Ext.1, Chrisville, City And Suburban, City And Suburban Extensions, City And Suburban Industrial, City Deep, City Deep Extensions, City West, Cleveden, Cleveland, Cleveland Extensions, Crown City, Crown City Extensions, Crown Ext.2, Crown Gardens, Crown North, Crown North Extensions, Denver, Denver Extensions, Diepkloof Ext.10, Doornfontein, Droste Park, Droste Park Extensions, Eagles Nest, Eastcliff, Eikenhof Extensions, Elandspark, Elandspark Extensions, Elcedes, Electron, Electron Ext.1, Elladoone, Evans Park, Fairview, Ferreiras Dorp, Ferreiras Dorp Ext.1 & 2, Fordsburg, Forest Hill, Framton, George Goch, Gillview, Gillview Ext.1, Glenanda, Gleneagles Extensions, Glenesk, Glenvista, Glenvista Extensions, Haddon, Haddon Ext.1, Heriotdale, Heriotdale Extensions, Highlands, Jeppestown, Jeppestown South, Johannesburg, Judith's Paarl, Kenilworth, Kenilworth Ext.1 & 3, Kensington, Kensington Extensions, Kibler Park, Klipriviersberg, Klipriviersberg Estate, La Rochelle, Lake View Estate, Liefde En Vrede, Liefde En Vrede Ext.1, Lindberg Park, Linmeyer, Linmeyer Ext.1, Lorentzville, Malvern, Malvern Extensions, Marshalls Ext.1 & 2, Marshalls Town, Mayfair, Mayfield Park, Meredale, Meredale Extensions, Moffat View, Moffat View Extensions, Mondeor, Mondeor Extensions, Mulbarton, Mulbarton Extensions, Nasrec, Nasrec Extensions, Naturena Ext.16, New Centre, New Centre Ext.1, New Doornfontein, Newtown, Newtown Ext.1, North Doornfontein, Oakdene, Oakdene Extensions, Observatory, Oospoort Ext.1, Ophirton, Ormonde, Ormonde Extensions, Ormonde View, Pageview, Park Central, Parktown, Patlynn, Prolecon, Prolecon Extensions, Rand View, Regency, Regents Park Estate, Regents Park Estate Ext.1 & 2, Regents Park Extensions, Reuven, Reuven Ext.1, Rewlatch, Rewlatch Extensions, Reynolds View, Ridgeway, Ridgeway Extensions, Risana, Rispark, Robertsham, Robertsham Ext.1, Roseacre, Roseacre Extensions, Rosettenville, Rosettenville Extensions, Rosherville, Rosherville Extensions, Salisbury Claims, Salisbury Claims Ext.1, Selby, Selby Extensions, Selby South Ext.1, South Hills, South Hills Ext.1, South Kensington, Southdale, Southdale Ext.1 & 2, Southfork, Southgate, Spes Bona, Springfield, Springfield Extensions, Stafford, Stafford Extensions, Steeledale, Steeledale Ext.1, Suideroord, Sunnyside, The Gables, The Gables Extensions, The Hill, The Hill Extensions, Theta, Theta Extensions, Towerby, Towerby Extensions, Townsview, Townsview Ext.2, Trojan, Troyeville, Tulisa Park, Tulisa Park Extensions, Turf Club, Turffontein, Turffontein Ext.2 & 3, Unigray, Vierfontein, Village Deep, Village Main, Village Main Extensions, Wemmer, West Turffontein, West Turffontein Ext, West Turffontein Ext.2, Westgate, Westgate Ext.3, Winchester Hills Extensions, Winford, Winford Ext.1, Wolhuter, Yeoville.


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Last Updated on 13 February 2013