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Orientation day for Children's Council
27 March 2008

New members of the children's council take a group photo

Young councillors were welcomed aboard by the City's team at the Children's Council orientation day.

Council speaker, Nkele Ntingane, addresses primary school children at a function to establish the children’s council
Council speaker, Nkele Ntingane, addresses primary school children at a function to establish the children’s council

THE Johannesburg Children's Council got off to an enthusiastic start when 116 schools attended an orientation day at the Metro Centre in Braamfontein.

Children and their teachers from across Joburg were bussed to the City headquarters on Friday 22 February 2008, where they were briefed about the City's objective in establishing the council.

The City's team was also introduced to the young councillors, whose enthusiasm was palpable. This was seen in the question-and-answer session in particular. Facilitators were grilled by the youngsters, and the level and quality of their questions bode well for the future of the Children's Council.

Council Speaker Nkele Ntingane welcomed the children, and wished them well during their terms of office. She encouraged them to use this opportunity to learn as much about their city as possible.

Learners were also given Junior Council dry-macs and bags, which contained files that outlined the programme for the year. The three-day leadership camp during the Easter holidays generated the most excitement among the children. They will also meet once a term, on the second last day of school; various activities have been planned for these days.

Educators will form an integral part of the council and 15 volunteers will be included in the programme. They will act as facilitators and help the City's team with all logistical and administrative arrangements. Teachers from the participating schools have embraced the programme, giving valuable help and input during the planning sessions.

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Last Updated on 19 February 2013