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Randburg CPF doing well
09 February 2011

Crime in the areas covered by the Randburg Community Policing Forum is the lowest in the district; prompting the forum to strengthen its ranks and find new ways of making people even safer in their homes.

THE residents and police officers who have united to form the Randburg Community Policing Forum (CPF) seem to have got the right recipe in the fight against crime, as they have the lowest rate in the Randburg area.

A cleaner, safer Randburg
A cleaner, safer Randburg
Their CPF is part of the Honeydew cluster, which is made up of six precincts: Randburg, Roodepoort, Honeydew, Douglasdale, Florida and Diepsloot, a new addition.

Despite this heartening news, people living in the area still need their fancy alarm systems and can’t leave their bags in unlocked cars. “Crime levels are still high and we, as a community, need to work together as well as with the SAPS [South African Police Service] to ensure that crime reduces further,” says the Randburg CPF chairman, Michel de Marigny.

This is, in a nutshell, what CPFs do: a CPF is a partnership between the SAPS and residents of an area to rid their area of crime.

Their responsibilities include establishing and maintaining a partnership between the community and the police; promoting communication, co-operation and joint problem identification and problem-solving between the two parties; and improving transparency, accountability and rendering of police services to the community.

CPFs are not the only structures that allow community involvement in policing, though. Others include: reservists, community patrol groups, street watches and committees, and neighbourhood and business watches.


Safety plans
To help achieve its aim of a crime-free Randburg, the CPF is seeking further neighbourhood involvement and is implementing more initiatives this year. “We are starting 2011 with the setting up of community safety plans, which are intended to improve our overall security over the short and medium term,” says De Marigny.

“These plans are per sector and will be combined into an overall safety plan for the precinct. Our plans also need to include ways to beautify and enrich our suburbs and help to strengthen our communities.”

The Randburg precinct has been divided into five sectors. Each one has a sector manager and representative, as well as two patrol vehicles with their own cellphone numbers, which can be phoned to report emergencies. These can range from house break-ins and car theft to more severe crimes such as rape and murder.

Greening Randburg is one of the priorities of the RPF
Greening Randburg is one of the priorities of the Randburg CPF
Each sector’s CPF meets monthly to discuss these plans and the most effective ways of implementing them.

Randburg requires more reservists and De Marigny is appealing for interested residents to join the group as they “provide a valuable support service to the SAPS”. To find out more, phone Captain Brent Kur on 082 959 3139 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Another vital part of the Randburg CPF is its trauma and victim empowerment centre. Community members who are prepared to assist with counselling should phone Elaine Crossling on 082 332 1591 or email her on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The contact details of the managers and representatives of the sectors in Randburg are:

Sector 1

  • Sector manager: Warrant Officer Andrew Lebese 083 537 1686; sector representative: Michel de Marigny 083 470 9208
  • Suburbs: Hurlingham, Lyme Park, Oerder Park and Willowild
  • Vehicle numbers: 071 675 7115 and 071 675 7116

Sector 2

  • Sector manager: Warrant Officer Hein van Heerden 076 781 4513; sector representative: Deidre Penfold 083 419 3281
  • Suburbs: Bryanston, Bryanston East, Cowdray Park, Douglasdale Extension 9 and Epsom Downs
  • Vehicle numbers: 071 675 7117 and 071 675 7118

Sector 3

  • Sector manager: Warrant Officer James Swann 079 488 2869; sector representative: Linda Bester 082 930 9269
  • Suburbs: Bryanston, Bryanston Extension 3, Daniel Brink, Kensington B, Malanshof, Osummit, Strijdom Park and Vandia Grove
  • Vehicle numbers: 071 675 7119 and 071 675 7120.

Sector 4

  • Sector representative: Conrad Fick 074 374 7991
  • Suburbs: Ferndale, Malanshof, Fontainebleau, Praegville, Moret, Ruiterhof, Windsor, Windsor Glen, Jacanlee, Robindale, Robin Hills, Robin Acres, Randpark, President Ridge, Kelland
  • Vehicle numbers: 071 675 7121 and 071 675 7122

Sector 5

  • Sector manager: Constable Bennet Khoza 073 383 8641; sector representative: Tom Bouwer 082 490 4045
  • Suburbs: Bryanston, Bryanston West, Country Life Park, Cramerview, Gleniffer, Lyme Park, Mill Hill and Solridge
  • Vehicle numbers: 071 675 7123 and 071 675 7124

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Last Updated on 21 January 2013