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Joburg hosts top events
24 May 2011

Living up to its billing as a leading business tourism hub, Joburg is to host several major events and conferences over the next three years, securing potential investment of up to R200 million for the city.

JOBURG will host several major events and conferences over the next three years, securing potential investment of up to R200 million for the city.

Sandton Convention Centre
Sandton Convention Centre, a popular conference venue
First up is the Tenpin Bowling World Championships, which will be held in the city this November, following which the city will host the 4th annual Mr Gay World Competition in April 2012.

Next year will be a particularly busy one for business tourism in Joburg, with the hosting of the 59th CIC General Assembly, the International Small Business Congress and the Europe Africa Business Summit.

The city will host the 18th Agility World Championships (AWC) in 2013, an annual event of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the World Canine Organisation. The event will be hosted in association with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), and this would be the first time it is hosted outside Europe.

Joburg will also host the World Anti-Doping Congress in 2013, followed by the 21st General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, to be attended by some 1 700 delegates, in 2014.

“As the continent’s leading hub for business, fashion, music and the creative arts, it’s appropriate that we are hosting a diverse spectrum of events which address these very diverse industry sectors,” says Lindiwe Kwele, the chief executive officer of the Johannesburg Tourism Company.

Joburg: an attractive business tourist destination
Central Joburg
“We are certainly on the international campaign and bidding trail, demonstrating that Joburg is open for business with the capacity to host events across a spectrum of size, scope and price,” says Kwele.

Business and commercial capital
The Johannesburg Convention and Events Bureau, a division of the Johannesburg Tourism Company, secured all the bids to host these events in the city.

The bureau markets Joburg as a versatile business and mega-events destination, capable of handling any event – from small meetings to massive international gatherings, conventions, concerts, sports tournaments and other mega-events.

“One of Joburg’s major competitive advantages is its international recognition as the business and commercial capital of the African continent,” Kwele says.

The city is accessibility by air, houses 75 percent of corporate headquarters, and boasts four large-scale venues with seating capacities of more than 5 000. “Johannesburg’s success as a tourism destination pivots on business,” Kwela notes.

In 2009, about 500 000 business tourists visited South Africa, representing 4,7 percent of total arrivals in the country, and contributed more than R2,4-billion to foreign direct spending by tourists. The sector is hoping to expand this market even more and establish Joburg as an attractive, viable and world-class business tourism destination.

“With excellent infrastructure, unique transport features, increased hotel inventory, spectacular stadiums and magnificent architecture, it’s no wonder Johannesburg was voted the world’s 3rd best city wallpaper magazine’s design awards in early 2011,” Kwela adds.

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Last Updated on 08 June 2011