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The Story Skirmish

The Story Skirmish is based on the highly successful Battle of the Books. It is a much easier competition for younger, less skilled readers especially targeted at second language English speakers.

The readers are targeted from disadvantaged areas and they are given the chance to practice their reading skills while preparing for the enjoyable competition.

The books are carefully chosen by librarian specialists to ensure that they are easy and fun to read for second language learners. The books are supplied by LIS to the participating schools.
The Story Skirmish is a book based inter-school knock-out quiz. It is open to Grades 4 and 5 learners in schools in Johannesburg that cater for children for whom English is a second language.

Teams consist of 6 members with 1 or 2 reserves.  Between them they must read the 15 listed titles on which the quiz is based.  Schools may hold preliminary intra-school rounds to choose the team.  A list of questions, rules and sample score sheet are provided for this.

The first round takes place in the nearest participating library after the winter break with the final at the end of October.

Joburg Libraries Psyched for Science

Joburg Libraries Psyched for Science model building competition is a city-wide campaign planned in line with the City’s vision to alleviate the skills gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

It is also a method to create awareness of skills shortages, opportunities in STEM careers and contribute towards the Skills Development Strategy of the City. It aims to create partnerships among the social, economic and engineering departments of the Council and to link up with schools, tertiary institutions, learners and STEM companies in a coordinated campaign.

Most of the planned activities are directed at learners from disadvantaged areas in Grade 6 to Grade 12 as well as their educators.

The planned activities culminate in major events and outcomes during the National Science and Technology Week.

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