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We explain how the City works: from the council, made up of elected and proportional representatives, to the mayor and his team who drive the strategy of the city, to the officials who carry out the day-to-day task of service delivery.


THE City’s governance model has two separate functions – the executive and the legislative.

Joburg Growth and Development Strategy 2040: GovernanceThe legislative function is the political administration. It is made up of the councillors; elected and proportional representatives chosen every five yearsl during the Local Government elections. The council is led by the Council Speaker. It sits for monthly meetings to discuss how best to create a World Class African City of the Future – "a vibrant, equitable African city, strengthened through its diversity; a city that provides real quality of life; a city that provides sustainability  for all its citizens; a resilient and adaptive society".

The Speaker is supported by the Chief Whip of Council whose responsibility is to build relationships among the various political parties and ensure a well-oiled governing party.

The council is the body that makes policy and oversees its implementation. Its key role in its current structure is to focus on legislative, participatory and oversight roles.

Council also ensures debate and discussion takes place between the different political parties.

Executive and administrative teams

The executive work of the council is co-ordinated by the executive mayor, who is elected by the council to provide a strategic direction for the municipality. The mayor is assisted by a mayoral committee made up of 10 councillors. The mayoral committee is responsible for individual portfolios and reports directly to the mayor.

A municipal administration headed by the City manager, supported by an executive management team, makes sure that the vision and mission of the council becomes reality - they deliver the services envisioned by the politicians.

The City manager is responsible for employing staff and co-ordinating them to implement all the programmes approved by the council. The mayor and his executive oversee the work of the City manager and department heads.

A long-term growth and development strategy guides the direction of the work of the City; Joburg 2040 outlines the city's goals and objectives. Each year, the council passes a budget and decides on development plans that fit into the Joburg 2040 strategy.

The municipal manager is the municipality’s chief accounting officer. He is supported by executive directors who are responsible for the individual City departments for the delivery of key public services to residents.

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Last Updated on 15 September 2017