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24/07/2015: Formation of the Healthy Ageing Society of Africa (HASOA) announced
24 July 2015
The Healthy Ageing Society of South Africa (HASOA) was formed as part of the mandate of the second World Congress on Healthy Ageing (WCHA), to be held in Johannesburg from 30 July to 2 August 2015.

HASOA was founded to increase awareness in the public and private healthcare sectors on issues related to and affecting ageing, in a bid to better educate the public.

HASOA director and scientific chair of the WCHA, Dr Ryan Fuller, says that the society will liaise with healthcare professionals, government bodies and other interested parties. "This will enable us to participate in healthcare efforts related to ageing in Africa. We will also provide information to assist relevant parties to address the challenges around healthy ageing on the continent.”

Dr Fuller adds, "In addition, it is important to bridge the divide between public and private healthcare systems and associations, an issue that has a huge negative effect on healthcare in general."

Dr Fuller says HASOA is recruiting members from different healthcare interest groups, including practicing and retired healthcare professionals, students/emerging professionals in the healthcare system, corporates and associations involved in healthy ageing.

Funding for HASOA is generated from membership, research, events, workshops, a congress and exhibitions. “The World Congress on Healthy Ageing is expected to be a milestone in the future growth of the association," says Dr Fuller.

The theme of the congress is 'Bridging the Ageing Divide', an event that will be a global forum for internationally renowned experts to address healthy ageing issues with a specific focus on how they apply to Africa.

Fuller's fellow founding HASOA directors are Gièsle Wertheim Aymés, owner and publishing editor of Longevity magazine; Karyn Casey, chairperson of the South African Neurological Rehabilitation Association (SANRA) and chartered accountant Justin Hawes.

The line-up of prestigious speakers promises unprecedented access to cutting edge information that willprovide knowledge and understanding of what ageing healthily really means and how to can do it.

For more information contact Lorin Bowen at the HASOA secretariat on 011 431 4126 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Last Updated on 24 July 2015