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20/08/2015: Body corporates can apply for a review on tariffs
20 August 2015
The City of Johannesburg bills body corporates (not individual tenants residing in complexes) on bulk services such as water and electricity.

In order for their tariffs that the City charges them to be reviewed, they must apply to the Council and provide the number of units in each complex.

The below mentioned is required by the City when applying for the review:

  • The Body Corporate must provide the City with affidavits that state how many units are in their complex.
  • The City will then verify the information that is submitted in comparison with what the City’s system indicates in line with information from the Deeds registry.
  • Once the application is successful, the applicable tariffs will be applied permanently until more units are added. The Body Corporate will then need to reapply for an applicable tariff for the additions.
  • If an application is granted during a current running billing cycle the new tariff will be effected in the next billing cycle only.
  • Applications can only be made in person at any of the City’s Customer Service Centers across the City.
  • The implementation of the new tariff will not be retrospective, however it will only be effective from the date of approval or next billable cycle

Customers can visit the nearest Customer Service Centre or phone Call Centre for information or clarity.

Important: It must be noted that the City has introduced a step tariff for electricity services, which implies that the more electricity consumer’s use, the more they will pay, with a view to reducing electricity consumption and benefiting lower consumption users.

A tariff structure is a set of rules and procedures that determines how we charge different categories of consumers. In this example we show Body Corporates who normally utilizes a phase 3 meter.

The following shows the calculation or it illustrates the application of the step tariff on electricity consumption for a single dwelling and multiple dwelling (i.e. using 5000 Kwh as the total consumption of electricity in a month.)

Issued by:

Kgamanyane Maphologela
Customer Communications & Stakeholder Management
Revenue Shared Services Centre
Group Finance

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Nkosana Lekotjolo
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Last Updated on 20 August 2015