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29/08/2015: Sandton Central Management District partners with Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department to support the world-class management of SA’s financial capital
29 August 2015
Continuing its commitment to being a leading city, Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) handed over a new Ford Ranger to the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) yesterday as part of a new partnership that will ensure that Sandton Central remains at the forefront of well-managed central business districts in South Africa.

The vehicle will enable the strict and sustainable enforcement of the city’s bylaws in Sandton Central, including by-laws relating to public space, such as parking, trading, taxis, advertising, waste and water among others.

The strategic partnership agreement, which has been nearly a year in the making, was driven by SCMD to further Sandton Central’s leading position as a high-energy commercial centre around which business people, residents, shoppers and tourists live, work, play, shop and meet. The landmark five year agreement will be assessed annually.

Two JMPD officers will use the co-branded vehicle to enforce the public space laws on weekdays, from 9am to 6pm. They will also undertake night patrols from 10pm to 4am from Thursday to Sunday, in line with the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Besides enforcing public space laws, the vehicle and its crew will also assist with alleviating traffic congestion with traffic control, help at traffic accidents and participate in education and awareness campaigns initiated by Sandton Central.

Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager for Sandton Central Management District, says: “Sandton Central strives to offer a well-managed orderly space. As our public space belongs to the city, our partnership with the city is essential when it comes to ensuring its bylaws are upheld. Our partnership benefits both the city and the many people who live, work and visit Sandton Central each day. As Africa’s leading commercial centre, we are committed to being a world-class managed space.”

Jack explains that, until now, by-law infringements in Sandton Central were addressed on a call-out by call-out basis. Now, with a dedicated vehicle and the support of JMPD officers, by-law enforcement will be consistent, with cumulative positive impacts. The initiative will mean an ongoing crackdown on crime and by-law violations in Sandton Central.

This joint initiative will also, through regular reports, help identify trends in any violations or crimes, so they can be addressed.

Enock Sibiya, Deputy Director of the JMPD, comments: “We applaud this initiative by Sandton Central to partner with the JMPD to improve policing in Sandton. This new sponsored vehicle will allow us to better patrol the streets of Sandton and keep crime and bylaws in check. We will continue to work closely with Sandton Central to make thing better and move Sandton forward.”

SCMD has provided the vehicle in line with JMPD vehicle policy. It has also equipped the vehicle’s JMPD officers with radio connected to the Sandton Central control room and a dedicated cell phone, to facilitate immediate communication. The vehicle also includes a GPS tracker to record its patrols. All this also supports speedy reaction in a crisis or emergency.

Jack adds: “This initiative will ensure the lines of communication between the JMPD and Sandton Central are open at all times. By working together in this way, we are confident we will boost the positive experience of Sandton Central for everyone.”


Released on behalf of:
Sandton Central Management District
Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager, Sandton Central Management District
Tel: 011 609 1237

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Marketing Concepts
Media Manager, Suren Naidoo
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