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Free rabies shots for pets

IT is a legal requirement for your pets to be vaccinated against rabies, and free injections are being offered to pet owners following a report of an infected dog.
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Wits plants medicinal garden

IT is hoped that the garden will expose student to phytol-medicine and teach them about a wider range of healing strategies from different traditions.
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Climate change affects health

CHANGING temperatures and rainfall patterns could result in the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria, experts warn.
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Get your child immunised

IT is Vaccination Week and the City is urging all parents and guardians to ensure their children are fully immunised according to the state schedule.
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TB campaigners reach Soweto

A CAMPAIGN to teach people about tuberculosis – and that the there is a cure – spearheaded by Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon, has ended in Joburg.
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Get ready for World TB Day

TUBERCULOSIS is a major cause of death across the world. The City’s health department has been travelling to all regions to build awareness of the disease and teach ways to avoid it.
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Officials visit Bara

A TRIP to Bara hospital and local clinics was a means to understand challenges in the public health sector, and show support for efforts to overcome them.
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Region G holds health day

A FUN walk was part of a health day, held in Region G to teach people about living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding disease.
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Immunisation plan rolled out

PNEUMOCOCCAL conjugate vaccine will be given to children between 18 months and six years old by the City as part of the National Pneumococcal Immunisation Programme.
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Elderly observe Aids Day at zoo

ADVANCED age is no guarantee against the pandemic, Council Speaker Conny Bapela told a gathering of elderly people at a World Aids Day commemoration at the zoo.
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City marks World Aids Day

ABSTAIN, Be Faithful, Condomise – that was the City’s message in speeches, songs and marches, as mobile testing stations were organised and candles were lit for those affected by HIV/Aids.
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Holiday cheer for Aids ministry

ORPHANS and other vulnerable children in Soweto will be eating more healthily with a donation from a multinational health company in commemoration of World Aids Day.
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Aids: education is key

TO mark World Aids Day, the City has ramped up its door-to-door education campaigns, while experts will make presentations on the day.
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Treatment centre opened

ANOTHER HIV treatment centre has been opened in Johannesburg as the City gears up for World Aids Day. It was one in a series of events.
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Bridge turns blue

DIABETES was highlighted when Nelson Mandela Bridge was bathed in blue light, the first in a series of events to raise awareness of the chronic illness.
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Fireworks for diabetes

ON World Diabetes Day fireworks will light up Nelson Mandela Bridge. It is the first in a series of events highlighting the chronic illness.
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Joburg adds input on Aids plan

THE National Strategic Plan on HIV /Aids, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Tuberculosis is being drafted for the next five years, and Joburg is giving its insights.
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Brushing up at the Zoo

CHILDREN from disadvantaged communities learned how to take care of their teeth at a brush-along – the first ever – at the zoo, and promised to use their new toothbrushes the way they were shown.
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Improving health in Joburg

ELDERLY people have improved access to health care thanks to a City scheme to supply old age homes and elderly day care centres with chronic medication.
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Get your child immunised

JOBURG’S clinics will be sending reminders to parents and caregivers to update their children’s vaccinations, as immunisation is one of the main ways to stop outbreaks of infectious disease.
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