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Security policy reviewed

BOOM gates and access control around suburbs are under review, and the council has invited public input on its draft changes.
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Memorial for murdered officer

THE Joburg metro police was joined by City officials and members of the Pimville community at a moving roadside ceremony.
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Police condemn killings

JOBURG metro police will use every tool available to them to stop the killing of its officers, four of whom have died on duty this week.
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Kensington residents tackle crime

LED by the I Love Kensington Association, Kensington residents are standing up to fight crime and environmental degradation in the suburb.
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Safety is on the agenda

THE provincial government is tackling safety and security this month, and has several targeted programmes on the cards.
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Metro cops report safe season

ALL told, Joburgers were well-behaved over the festive season, with few incidents of crime, violence and drunk driving reported, says the metro police.
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JMPD on holiday alert

PEOPLE contravening the City’s by-laws, from setting off fireworks outside approved times, to erecting tents on public roads, will be arrested and fined.
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Road police on the beat

ROAD safety will be carefully monitored over the festive season. Regular roadblocks will check for everything from drunk drivers to roadworthiness.
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JMPD fights piracy

THE Metro Police have set up a specially trained unit to deal with pirated DVDs and CDs expected to flood the city during the festive season.
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Metro police have safety plan

BY-LAWS will be strictly enforced over the festive season, with metro police patrolling the city on the look-out for crime.
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Best officers are named

THE first Metro Awards recognised the top Joburg metro police officers, with the chief of police landing the leader of the year award.
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Metro police to be rewarded

THE first Metro Awards are to be handed out to the top JMPD officers in a variety of categories, including best sergeant and best pointsman.
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Festive season safety is key

ROAD safety and crime awareness have been stressed by the metro police, which will be out in full force with emergency management services over the summer.
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Jozi seeks pointsmen solution

THE City is working on ironing out difficulties in its service level agreement for private sector pointsmen so that contracts comply with legislation.
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Safety at parks is boosted

PARK rangers and police are raiding inner city parks, arresting criminals and making sure by-laws are obeyed with a view to safety over the festive season.
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Police to monitor march

THE metro police will be out in full force to keep a watchful eye on the ANC Youth League march through Joburg and Sandton, and on to Pretoria. Roads will be closed.
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Metro police enforce law

IN its contribution to the mayor's 90-day Accelerated Service Delivery Plan, metro police has charged over 10 000 motorists while it cracks down on enforcing all the City's by-laws.
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Metro police get US training

A GROUP of metro police officers should be more effective in their duties, after they completed a training course run by the former deputy chief of the Los Angeles police department.
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City removes illegal posters

ADVERTISERS have been warned: posters illegally pasted on city walls and other property will be removed, and punishment meted out to the culprits.
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More Soweto vandals arrested

POWER has been restored to Chiawelo, where more than 600 households were without electricity after protesting vandals damaged substations.
 *City listens to electricity woes
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