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Gender violence highlighted

THERE will be a series of events over the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, starting with a Taking Back the Night march.
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Women share their stories

MIGRANT and local women gathered for a day of talk and dance, where they learned about each other’s culture, in an attempt to overcome xenophobia.
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Women speak about safety

THE safety of women and their vulnerability to crime were the topics of a discussion around a photographic exhibition called Seeing Through Safety Lens.
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Women enjoy their day

A CONCERT at the Joburg Zoo was just the ticket for about a thousand women, who enjoyed the music, the camaraderie and the day out in the park.
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It’s time to honour women

THERE are plenty of activities planned for Women’s Day, 9 August, with a fun run, a soccer match and zoo visits taking centre stage.
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Women take their place at top

THE great bravery and strength shown by the imbokodo women has won women today their freedom and equality. Their lives are remembered on national Women’s Day.
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Women interact with City

THE emancipation of women is an integral part of Joburg’s policies, and it is helping them “to climb the ladder of prosperity”.
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Victim speaks out

WOMEN are speaking out against abuse at the start of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. It can be domestic or random, physical or verbal.
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Add your voice to 16 Days

STOP violence against women and children is the rallying cry of 16 Days of Activism. In Joburg, plenty of workshops have been planned for the campaign.
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Stop abuse and support charity

STRAP on your stilettos, sisters, because these sandals were made for walking against abuse of women and children – it’s the Sisters With Blisters Walk.
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Migrant African women speak

FEMALE refugees from various African countries living in Johannesburg met the premier to talk about their concerns and problems.
* Migration under microscope 
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Gifts brought for abused women

CITY employees spent time with the abused women and children seeking safety and help at Alexandra's Bombani Safe House.
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Symposium for women in literature

POETS, authors, writers and playwrights will discuss the way forward for women in literature in Africa, among them award-winning artists.
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City Parks salutes women

AS Women's Month draws to a close, City Parks took its female staff to tea to thank them for the hard work they put in to keep the city looking beautiful.
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Workshop held for jobless women

A WORKSHOP targeting unemployed women taught them about what the City could do to help them start and run their own businesses.
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EMS women donate to needy kids

THE EMS's women's forum donated much-needed clothing and blankets, and toys to the children at the Sunrise Children's Home.
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Women call for ‘meaningful change'

A CRITICAL contribution is needed from women to make a meaningful change towards gender equality, the first Women's Legacy Dialogue hears.
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Women's health is on the agenda

A HIGH tea for female City councillors focused on women's health, with donations raised by the women earmarked for the Breast Health Foundation.
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City's women treated to high tea

HIGH tea for Joburg's female councillors will be hosted by the Speaker in celebration of Women's Day. Health will be a focus of the day.
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Heritage status for women's graves

THE graves of three struggle heroines – all in Soweto – will be declared national heritage sites during Women's Month celebrations.
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