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Pan Africa combines it all

THE mall is a puzzle put together by the architects to take foot traffic seamlessly from the taxi rank on the roof, to the shops in the centre.
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Food garden planted in Alex

A CHILDCARE centre in Alexandra has a fruit and vegetable garden that is expected to add to food security for the community.
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Alex at 100: poor but vibrant

THE luminaries who lived in the ‘Dark City’, the gangs that still roam there, the entrepreneurs and the migrants, the hubbub of daily life – a guided tour of Alexandra reveals them all.
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New women’s theatre in Alex

MULTI-AWARD-WINNING theatre director, Ntshieng Mokgoro, has launched the Olive Tree Production Company, an arts concern for women, by women and about women.
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ARP gets new acting director

THE new acting head of the Alexandra Renewal Project, Neels Letter, has been involved with the programme since it began in 2001.
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Owls take flight in Alex

BARN owls are being used as an ecological means to control rat populations around the world, and are now being released in Alex, which is plagued by the rodents.
*Owls conscripted to fight rats
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Owls conscripted to fight rats

ALEX’S infamous rat infestation has a new foe – owls, which prey on the rodents. The Owl Box project has nesting sites for the birds in the township.
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Tourism plans for Alex

ALEXANDRA is turning a hundred. To mark the milestone, plans are being put in place to grow it as a brand and as a tourism destination.
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Alex renewal makes progress

WITH 14 500 houses built, hostels remodelled, electricity, water and sewage upgraded, parks created, bridges built and roads tarred, the Alex Renewal Project has made a huge difference in the lives of the people of Alexandra.
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EarthBoxes to help Alex

PORTABLE, environmentally friendly food gardens called EarthBoxes have been donated to residents in Alexandra to help them grow fresh vegetables for the table.
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Reviving the arts in Alex

HIGH schools will be targeted in a project to improve the arts in Alexandra. Part of the plan is to designed to heal and inspire vulnerable and poverty stricken children.
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Alex’s Pan Africa mall to grow

MORE retail space is to be added to the shopping centre in Alexandra, which will almost double in size on an investment of about R65-million.
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Alex storm drains cleaned

LITTER was cleaned out of the storm water drainage system in Alexandra and the drains were unblocked in a joint Transport Month, Letsema roads campaign.
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Sars helps Alex taxpayers

THE taxman has opened an office in Alexandra, which is proving helpful to the township’s businesspeople and workers, particularly as tax season gets under way.
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Alex celebrates 100 years

JOHANNESBURG’S oldest township of Alexandra is set to get a cultural and economic boost with Alex 100, a project that aims to celebrate the centenary of the settlement’s founding in 1912.
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Title deeds handed over in Alex

SEVERAL people received their title deeds in person in Alexandra, but there are still almost a thousand waiting to be collected at the council offices.
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Alex gets a clean up

GLOVES and overalls were the order of the day, when the mayor and his team pitched in to help a massive clean up under way in Alexandra.
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New projects under way in Alex

A MENTAL health clinic and housing are among the priorities in Alexandra. The renewal project got R90-million in the provincial budget.
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Work carries on at ARP

THE changes in Alex are being seen on the ground, yet there is still much to be done, and the Alexandra Renewal Project is looking forward.
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Alex history written in plaques

PLAQUES are planned for over a hundred significant sites in Alexandra, from Nelson Mandela’s home to the headquarters of the fearsome Msomi Gang.
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