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Inner city

Library’s grandeur restored

THE Johannesburg City Library is a splendid building, made more so through the long restoration that has returned it to its glory days, and added some modern elements.
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Veggie patch in Hillbrow

THE newest sustainable gardening project in Joburg’s inner city is being planted on a rooftop in Hillbrow, where tenants will grow vegetables.
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Absa bags another award

THE Green Building Council of South Africa has given Absa Towers West five-star certification for its environmentally friendly design.
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Unsafe buildings tackled

BUILDING owners need to work with the City to deal with unsafe, bad buildings, including those that have been bricked up.
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Maboneng man is Global Shaper

JONATHAN Liebmann has been named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper for his success in regenerating the inner city and driving development.
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Food garden planted on rooftop

TENANTS of Douglas Village in Troyeville have volunteered to care for a rooftop food garden planted by the Johannesburg Development Agency and its partners.
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City checks on Region F

PROBLEMS and by-law enforcement in Region F were the focus of a tour of the inner city by officials and ward councillors.
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Call made for Halala Awards

REGENERATION efforts in the inner city are back in the spotlight, as nominations open for the fifth annual Halala Joburg Awards. Individuals and projects can be nominated.
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EKhaya moves into north Hillbrow

NOW that Hillbrow south has been transformed into a neighbourhood of choice, the eKhaya Neighbourhood programme is setting its sights on the north of the suburb.
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Joburg’s jewel re-opened

AFTER a dusty three years or so of building work, the Johannesburg City Library has re-opened as a modern centre of excellence, offering books and so much more.
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Centre of excellence opens

THE renovated and revamped Johannesburg central library will be opened today as an enviable centre of excellence.
*Revamped library to open
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Revamped library to open

THE Johannesburg City Library has been smartened up and brought into the forefront of the modern world. After several years of renovations and upgrades, it is to reopen on Valentine’s Day.
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Eye in the sky in Maboneng

MORE changes are being made to the inner city, where developer Jonathan Liebmann is adding to his vision of an attractive, liveable urban space.
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Delicious times at market

ALL manner of tasty food is on sale at the Neighbourgoods Market in downtown Joburg. There is also jewellery, vintage clothing and other delights.
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Tax incentive brings investment

THE Urban Development Zone tax incentive is luring property investors into Joburg’s inner city, with about R9-billion ploughed into the area already.
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Yellow giant moves into town

A HUGE haul truck has been parked in downtown Joburg’s mining district, a modern placemarker for the orderly and attractive area.
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Ponte gets a revamp

RENOVATION of the highest residential block in the city – and at times, the most infamous – is underway, now that the entire area, from Ellis Park to the Hillbrow Tower, has undergone a remake.
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City's new fashion market

JOBURGERS can find weekend markets across the city, but the Fashion District has gone one better, with tailors and seamstresses setting up stalls every Saturday in the Kapitol courtyard.
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Fountain flows again

IT has been dry for 12 years, but water is again flowing in the restored Rissik Street fountain, softening the inner city bricks and mortar surrounding it.
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More sparkle for Jewel City

ANOTHER R40-million is being invested in the diamond trading precinct, with revamped offices for the Diamond Board among the changes.
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