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Inner city

Dance group moves into new studio

MOVING Into Dance Mophathong has a bright new home in Newtown, where it is part of the energy turning around the inner city.
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Plans wanted for Rissik Street PO

THE City is putting out a call for proposals for the Rissik Street Post Office. First prize will be an office conversion, but other ideas are welcome.
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Lot of things are 'coming together'

A TOUR of the inner city highlighted the regeneration efforts of the City and its partners, with clean streets and building the order of the day.
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Smart Gym keeps smart folk fit

A CHAIN of fitness centres is taking the inner city by storm, with thousands of savvy urban dwellers signing up.
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Coalition helps keep city on track

THE Johannesburg Inner City Business Coalition has struck up a sound working partnership with the City to keep improving Jozi.
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Joburg's End Street lives again

AFHCO refurbishes buildings with a view to renting out flats; underlining its mission is the aim to "put people in places that we wouldn't mind staying in ourselves".
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Halala Award spurs on Leungo

THE developers of the stylish Ashanti Hotel and DoGon in the inner city, will not rest on their Halala Award laurels; rather they plan to keep doing good.
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Officials check on charter progress

VISITING its 'work stations' is necessary for the City to see what changes are happening on the ground - and what still needs to be done.
* Video: Inner city tour
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Afhco puts the home into house

WITH two Halala Awards under its belt, the Affordable Housing Company is making waves in the inner city.
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Turbine Hall is a fitting winner

THE Colosseum Award, a new category of the Halala Joburg Awards, was given to the Turbine Hall Square development for its preservation of the city's heritage.
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Main Street Mall gets recognition

A LIVING link to Joburg's mining past, Main Street has been turned around from an uninviting grey strip into a vibrant, attractive and busy pedestrian mall.
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Beyers Naude Square goes natural

THE ugly walls around Beyers Naude Square - the city's original marketplace - have been torn down. A more natural look for the space is in the offing.
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Campaign aims for clean inner city

ART, sport and urban youth culture are being used to raise the profile of the It's my inner city - let's keep it clean campaign.
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Jozi gets its Statue of Liberty

THE pursuit of public art to beautify Joburg carries on, with an artwork by the world-renowned William Kentridge and Gerhard Marx set for the inner city.
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Kagiso helps to keep city going

CITY improvement districts boost council services such as safety and cleaning; the area improves and more people move in. It's a win-win.
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Halala awards celebrated

INNER city champions are honoured by the Johannesburg Development Agency for their contributions in uplifting the area.
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CIDs get a million rand boost

FIVE city improvement districts in central Joburg have received funding to help get the initiatives off the ground.
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Takkies, combs and things on poles

INTERESTING artworks brighten up the Fashion Kapitol, on the eastern edge of the inner city, heralding the creativity within.
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Joburg's inner city celebrated

SOME 82 projects and people were nominated for the second Halala Joburg Awards, which recognise the good work done in reclaiming the city's heart.
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Millions budgeted for inner city

UPGRADING the inner city remains a mayoral priority, with the mayor allocating R100-million to the area in his budget.
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