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Citichat 2009

The power of one to make a change

ONE person has the power to make great change, as some Joburgers have shown in various inner city refurbishment projects.
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Jozi could learn from mother city

A TRIP to Cape Town has brought into focus the need for a greater focus on historic preservation in the city of gold.
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Parking and other mid-year musings

ON his regular monthly visits to Joburg, Neil Fraser keeps a check on what is happening in the inner city.
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Halala Awards top a good news week

HALLELUJAH, the walls are tumblin' down! Also, here is some charter chatter and Halala and Colosseum awards
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Economic downturn and centre cities

HARD economic lessons are being learned in the cities of Britain and the US during the global financial upheaval, and we would do well to heed them as the economy tightens
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Good news, bad news and au revoir

THE buildings around Beyers Naude Square are to be demolished, which is excellent news in a week of not-so-great news.
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City's readiness for 2010

JOBURG has a great opportunity to wow tourists during the World Cup, and quite a bit of work needs to be done to make sure visitors have a great time in the city of gold.
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2009: Quo vadis?

THERE is a lot of work to be done this year in the inner city, to build on what happened in 2008. Ringing the changes already are Newtown, Braamfontein and Yeoville-Bellevue.
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