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2011-02-25: City of Johannesburg is closing down on crime

An arrest of a person that is alleged to have stolen meters installed has
been affected today.

A member of the community has been found with stolen electricity meters,
which has then been sold on to people in the Turffontein area.

The allegations against him are that he is selling these stolen meters to
members of the community at a cost of R4000.00 per meter and illegally
connecting people’s electricity. Furthermore, he is bridging electricity
for people in the Turffontein area.

We want the public to be aware that only qualified City Power technicians
are allowed to install electricity meters. “These thieves are stealing from
the City and misleading the public with these criminal activities.” says
Stan Maphologela, spokesperson for the Revenue & Customer Relations
Management Department.

We urge customers to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour or
fraudulent activities to the City’s fraud hotline (0800 002 587) or
Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (0800 203 712). “Customers who
willingly collude with these criminals must know that they too are equally
committing a crime. We would like to reassure honest, law-abiding Citizens
that we are closing the loop on such syndicates.” says Maphologela.

Issued by:
Stanley Maphologela
Customer Communications
Revenue & Customer Relations Management Department

Phone: 011 628 4728
Fax: 011 358 3639​