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2011-03-22: City takes tough action against illegal dumping

THE City of Johannesburg is stepping up its campaign to clean up streets and public places and to take tough measures against repeated offenders responsible for illegal dumping and littering.

MMC Infrastructure & Services, Clr Ross Greeff, will this week join residents and city officials in a clean-up campaign that will highlight issues of cleanliness and hygiene. To encourage residents to play an active role in the reduction of litter, pollution and to take steps to counter dumping.

Illegal dumping is a growing concern in Johannesburg and the City has to allocate substantial resources to the cleaning up of public open spaces which have been polluted with domestic/industrial waste and building rubble.

Residents and businesses generate around 1,6 million tons of waste every year and more than 250 000 tons is dumped illegally.

Pikitup, the City's agency responsible for waste management has a core responsibility to collect refuse from litter receptacles and to clean council-owned stands.

Rats and other rodents thrive in polluted areas and this infestation holds great dangers for the health of residents who may contract diseases such as rabies and diarrhoea carried by rodents.

The City is concerned about the growing problem of illegal dumping by both residents and businesses in Johannesburg. To help reduce this Pikitup has started an Illegal Dumping Programme, where all its depots will clean recurring and problematic areas on a regular basis according to a weekly rotational schedule.

Part of the cleaning will include refurbishing, demarcate and paint hawkers trading stalls around the Pan African Mall in Alexandra. 

At the same time by-law enforcement will be stepped up and offenders will be prosecuted with the possibility of heavy fines. The JMPD is responsible for enforcement and residents can report cases of illegal dumping by calling Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555 or sending an e-mail to

Residents of Johannesburg are also urged to take note of the refuse collection schedules for their areas and not to dispose of waste and litter in public open spaces. The dumping of litter along the sides of roads and highways is also an offence and action will be taken against offenders.


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