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2011-05-23: Political parties urged to remove posters

The City urges all political parties to remove their campaign posters within 30 days after the close of the final voting day which was on 18 May 2011.

Any party posters remaining after the 18 June 2011 will be removed by the City at a cost of R7.38 per poster and the relevant party invoiced accordingly.

Generally parties have co-operated well in the removal of their posters in past elections as they understand the importance of availing advertising space and keeping the City clean.

There were no limitations to the number of posters each party could display as well as no cost because local government elections are a national event conducted in the interest of communities.

The display of posters however still had to comply with the requirements of Section 28 of the Outdoor Advertising Bylaws: posters can only be secured to street lamp poles, posters must be attached to waterproof material that would not become dislodged by weather conditions and posters should not impair the vision of motorists or pedestrians.

All councilors were issued a memorandum detailing the relevant sections of the Outdoor Advertising Bylaws by the Speaker of Council on 4 April 2011.


“Joburg, a City where community development, personal growth and social mobility are enhanced so that challenges of poverty, vulnerability, inequality and social exclusion are fundamentally addressed”.

Issued by
Virgil James
Communications Specialist
City of Joburg
011 407 7226