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2011-07-04: SARS office in Alexandra

In an exciting development for the people of Alexandra, the Greater Alexandra Chamber of Commerce (GACC) and the South African Revenue Services (SARS) have opened an office to provide much needed information and assistance to business and community.

Largely spearheaded by Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Inc which provides legal services to the area and the City of Joburg in a developmental capacity, the initiative was launched in March of this year. To date more than 395 individuals and businesses have been assisted with income tax numbers, vat registrations, annual tax returns and company registrations.

This has proved to be beneficial for the community who are now able to meet their tax obligations.
The City’s focus has been economic development programmes to better equip small businesses and create an enabling environment for their survival and growth. As a result of a summit held last April with GACC, the Alex Techno-Hub, Automotive Industrial Park, Development Alexandra Commercial Square, Tsutsumani Economic Development and Alex-Marlboro Industrial Park Business Plan are projects underway.



“Joburg, a City where community development, personal growth and social mobility are enhanced so that challenges of poverty, vulnerability, inequality and social exclusion are fundamentally addressed”.

Issued on behalf of member of the mayoral committee for Economic Development Councilor Sello Lemao

Virgil James
City of Joburg
011 407 7226​