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2011-07-06: Press Statement by the Chief Whip of the ANC at the City of Johannesburg

THE ANC Councilors at the City of Johannesburg condemns the mob attack on the homes of Councilor Johannes Nemaungani and former Councilor Mirriam Ramafola. We also welcome the news that some of the protesters have been arrested and believes that all those responsible should be apprehended and charged.

In light of all that occurred on the 5 July 2011 in Chiawelo it is important to point out the following salient facts:

The roll out of pre-paid meters in Soweto is not a City Power or City of Johannesburg project but an ESKOM initiative, therefore, the attack on our Councillors is misplaced and legitimate grievances should be raised in a constructive manner.
ESKOM has repeatedly pointed out that the roll out of pre-paid meters has received the support of 90% of the residents in Chiawelo. Ms Ramafola and Councilor Nemaungani merely assisted ESKOM in communicating the programme of rolling out pre-paid meters to the residents of Chiawelo.
Clr Nemaungani has been a ward Councillor for the last 16 years. In the Municipal Elections, held on the 18 May 2011, he received 81% of the total votes cast in his ward. This is testimony of the Councillors leadership and popularity amongst the residents of Chiawelo.

The ANC believers that a small group of agitators is responsible for the violence we witnessed in Chiawelo yesterday. We call on the residents of Chiawelo to take decisive action by assisting the police in identifying these troublemakers.


Issued on behalf of:
Clr Prema Naidoo
Chief Whip
African National Congress
Cel: 082 995 5016

Issued by:
Nthatisi Modingoane
Deputy Director: Communications
Tel: (011) 407 7354
Fax: 403 3494
Cell: 082 467 9228