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2011-07-06: The City condemns violent protest in Chiawelo

THE City of Johannesburg has condemned acts of violence and vandalism by protestors in Chiawelo, Soweto. What is of concern is that these demonstrations are taking place amidst ongoing efforts by government to improve the lives of the people in that area.

Residents in the area are informed on a regular basis about the plans to improve service delivery in the area.

The City of Johannesburg is in constant engagement with Eskom on its project to rollout the install prepaid electricity metres in the areas.

City does encourage open consultation with the residents when implementing capital projects and residents are urged to utilize this process to raise their concerns.

It should also be stated that there are significant benefits for using a prepaid metre when it comes to electricity. The users, for example have the power to control their own consumption.

Furthermore, the City of Johannesburg has the Expanded Social Package called Siyasizana, to assist resident who are not able to pay for these services. Siyasizana social package is a basket of benefits which the City allocates to citizens based on their level of poverty.
Any person earning less than R3 366,00 a month residing - as owner, tenant or lodger - on a property falling within the boundaries of Johannesburg, can register for these benefits.

Going on rampage, damaging property and endangering lives’ of other people cannot be encouraged or tolerated in this democratic state we all fought for.  

While communities have a right to engage in protest to express their dissatisfaction, this has to be done in a lawful manner without infringing on other people’s rights. Those who are engage in criminal activity will be dealt with according to the law.


Issued by:
Nthatisi Modingoane
Deputy Director: Communications
Tel: (011) 407 7354
Fax: 403 3494
Cell: 082 467 9228