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2011-07-19: Reducing greenhouse emissions

JOHANNESBURG is mindful of the damaging effects unsustainable environmental practices can have on its citizens in terms of health and socio economic development.

In pursuance of a green city, it has clear plans for achieving sustainable development. These include amongst others:

Commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Open space conservation and management
Biodiversity protection programmes
Demand side management for water, waste and energy
Entrench polluter-pays principle through regulation and enforcement
Sustainable urban drainage designs will also be developed. Already in place is a target of zero recyclables to landfill is in place. The City will also continue to strengthen its disaster management planning to encourage a more proactive approach to disaster that is quick and effective.

Notably South Africa is the 13th highest greenhouse gas emitter globally. This means that it emits even more than many developed countries. There is obvious pressure on South Africa along with other countries to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Given that the key drivers of urbanization and sustainable growth are transportation, economic, social and infrastructure networks, the City has to focus on protection and management of environmental systems, reduce its carbon footprint and bylaw enforcement.


"Joburg, a City where community development, personal growth and social mobility are enhanced so that challenges of poverty, vulnerability, inequality and social exclusion are fundamentally addressed".

Issued on behalf of:
Councillor Roslynn Greeff
Mayoral committee member
Infrastructure Services and Environment
City of Joburg

Issued by:
Virgil James
City of Joburg
082 467 9415/011 407 7226​