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2011-07-25: Childhood immunization project

THE Department of Health offers free immunization services at all its health facilities that are readily accessible to the community.  This is in an effort to provide a healthy society for our children to grow up in. Following the measles outbreak that was experienced by the City of Johannesburg in 2010 the city has prioritized childhood immunization as a project that will benefit its community within the shortest possible time.

During the next three months (July - September 2011) the Health Department will be checking all the clinic records to identify children who (according to the clinic records) interrupted their childhood immunizations. These children will be followed up either telephonically, sent reminder letters or visited at home to encourage the caregivers to bring them to the clinic for their outstanding immunizations.  All children need to be vaccinated to protect them from certain infectious diseases. When most of the children are vaccinated, the spread of disease within the community is prevented. Children need to have all the vaccination in order to get full protection against these diseases.

All vaccinations on the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI (SA)) schedule are safe and effective. If your child has missed any of the scheduled vaccines please take her to the nearest health facility where a catch-up schedule will be given to her.

Children should be immunized at Birth, six weeks, ten weeks, 14 weeks, nine months, 18 months, six years and 12 years respectively.
We urge the community to assist in cooperating with the health department in tracing and identifying these children who are not fully immunised in order to increase the safety of our community. 
Caregivers are urged to respond to the telephonic and letter reminders that will be used to track these children and kindly bring them to the nearest clinic facility to be vaccinated. The health department is aiming at following up at least eighty percent (80%) of all the defaulters that each clinic will have identified. The immunization schedule is as follows:

At birth OPV (0) Oral Polio Vaccine
6 weeks OPV (1) Oral Polio Vaccine
DTP (a)/Hib/IPV (1)
Hep B (1)
PCV (1) and
Rota Virus (1)
10 weeks DTP (a)/Hib/IPV (2)
Hep B (2)
14 weeks DTP (a)/Hib/IPV (3)
Hep B (3)
PCV (2)
RV (2)
9 months Measles Vaccine (1) PCV (3)
18 months DTP (a)/Hib/IPV (4)
Measles Vaccine (2)
6 years Td vaccine Tetanus Oral Polio Vaccine
12 years Td vaccine Tetanus

Oral Polio: Polio: Lameness of legs
BCG: Against TB
DTP/Td: Diphtheria (disease of throat), whooping cough and tetanus (painful contractions of muscles)
Hib: Vaccine against Hib diseases (meningitis: affects the lining of the brain; pneumonia: infection of the lungs and other)
IPV: Injectable Polio vaccine
Hepatitis B Vaccine: Vaccine against disease of the liver
Rota Virus Vaccine: Diarhoea caused by Rota virus
Measles Vaccine: Fever and rash disease
For more information contact:
Nkosinathi Nkabinde
Communication Specialist
City of Johannesburg Public Liaison Department
Tel: (011) 407-6477
Cell: 083 408 7787