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​2011-10-12: Let's Fix It & Clean It: Crosby

ON Friday 21 October 2011 a multi-disciplinary operation will be launched in Crosby spearheaded by a team from the City of Joburg’s Region B in an attempt to address various service delivery issues in the suburb.

The team will be assisted by the various Municipal Owned Entities in the City and some of the challenges to be addressed during the operation include:

Road markings, potholes, and road surfacing (Joburg Roads Agency)
Tree pruning, grass cutting (City Parks)
Water meter leaks, replacement of water meter covers (Joburg Water)
Illegal power connections, repairing street lights (City Power)
Street sweeping, clearing of illegal dumping (Pikitup)
Inspections of fire safety equipment (EMS)
Illegal street trading, illegal taxi ranks, illegal connections (JMPD)
Member of the Mayoral Committee for Development Planning and Urban Management Cllr Ruby Mathang who will be present on the day said that "the support of all stakeholders and City Departments is vital to ensure the success of the operation and in so doing we hope to achieve our goal of a clean, well-managed suburb".

Acting Regional Director Region B, Monwabisi Siwedi said he especially would like to thank the Ward Councillor Katja Naumann for her dedication and commitment to Ward 69.

The operation will kick off at 08:00 on 21 October at the Crosby Clinic, on the corner of High and Ingelby Street, Crosby.

For more information contact:
Auriel Kobola
Service Delivery: Region B
Tel: 011 718-9629
Cel: 083 468 6818
Issued by:
Edwin Dacomb
Manager: Stakeholder Management & Liaison
Urban Management Region B
Tel: 011 718 9688
Cel: 082 559 3768