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2011-10-20: GDS school competition participants show their inspiration

SCHOOL learners in Joburg were given a platform to originate their innovative and artistic impression of their  vision of their City in the year 2040. This all as part of the City's Growth and Development Strategy (GDS). The competition was launched on 03 September, during the Governance theme week. Student Councillors and Grade 10 learners drawn from various schools had a debate in order to formulate ideas on how they see the City operating in 2040.

The themes used for the competition was in the context of the City's nine themes of the GDS namely: Economic Growth, Livable Communities, Community Safety, Health and Poverty,  Resource Sustainability, Governance, Transport and Smart City.

The objective of the competition was to generate a proposal on the key challenges confronting the City. It was also an attempt to obtain inputs and suggestions from learners whilst at the same  time capturing their imagination.

Learners were tasked to come up with creative solutions to the challenges facing the City.

The competition was open to all primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions  in Joburg. Entry forms were distributed to 150 schools. By the closing date of 10 October 2011, over 200 entries were received in the following four categories:

A colouring competition for the foundation phase. Learners were required to colour in a futurescape of their City
An essay or art work for primary schools on any of the themes portraying their vision of the city in 2040;
Secondary, and tertiary institutions were required to write a skit about their understanding of what an Active Citizen is or produce a 3-D model or design on their future city using recycled or scrap materials.
"Johannesburg is a great place to live in but hey, its not as "smart" as Seatle or San Francisco but I think we the future generation can change it," a quotation from the winning essay submitted by Neha Patel, a learner from Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir  school. The competition allowed innovation from learners. Their contribution to the GDS process was just as compelling and thought provoking as the inputs received from  other stakeholders in the City.

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