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2011-12-07: Survey reaffirms Johannesburg's "Top Metro" status

JOHANNESBURG status as "the most productive Metro" in South Africa confirms the growing confidence that local residents and the business community have in the quality of governance in the City.

This is according to results of the annual survey conducted by research house, Municipal IQ, which placed Johannesburg at the top of the list of the country's nine largest cities for the fifth year in a row.

The results reflect the gains the City is making in the provision of human and strategic infrastructure to facilitate development in its endeavours to build a resilient, liveable, sustainable urban environment – underpinned by infrastructure supportive of a low-carbon economy.

The Municipal Productivity Index analyses different data to measure how productive the average of a South African municipality can be. It takes into account poverty and the city's responses to alleviate poverty; access to a minimum level of services; economic infrastructure used by residents to participate in the economy; the quality of financial governance and the vacancy rates in personnel.

When all these factors are taken into consideration Johannesburg tops all the country's municipalities. The report released recently rates Johannesburg the best with a combination of local economic conditions and resilient spending.   

The City has embarked on a comprehensive programme to provide accessible, quality services such as water, electricity and sanitation to all its residents and to introduce support measures for indigents who are unable to pay in full for services.

To support productivity in the business sector Johannesburg has made significant gains in the provision of public transport (Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit), safety and security (the roll-out of CCTV cameras) and communications (the City-wide broadband project).

Confidence in the City will continue to grow as the current processes to roll out the Revenue and billing roadmap intensifies.

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