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09-05-2013: City of Joburg may dictate what its residents eat in future

In the spirit of the Joburg 2040 strategy – with the slogan: “GOJOZI, GO ACTIVE, FEEL GOOD”, the City of Johannesburg working with communities is looking to dictate what its residents are eating.

This was said by the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Clr Mpho Parks Tau at his State of the City (SOCA) address today - Thursday May 9, 2013

The campaign seeks to tackle the risk factors associated with obesity, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.  The Healthy Lifestyle Campaign will serve to instill a culture of healthy lifestyle choices in Johannesburg.

This will be done by encouraging communities in the City of Johannesburg to eat well and exercise regularly to maintain physical fitness and mental health. Communities will also be encouraged to practice good hygiene and avoid health hazards such as smoking and drinking to prevent getting ill health.

Through the GoJozi Promotion Campaign the City is working with fast food outlets and food retailers to promote healthy and nutritious foods. Under the linked imperative of promoting healthy lifestyles, the City is seeking to actively reduce the years of life lost to poor health choices, including the lack of access to healthy food at both street level and across the food retail space.

Clr Parks Tau said “We are also working to ensure that all restaurants particularly fast food outlets make customers aware of the amount of calories per menu item. This is critical so that we empower customers through information ensuring that we can all make the right food choices.”

The City is urging all residents and businesses to get involved in promoting the health and wellbeing of the city by pledging their support and active participation.

By 2040, the City of Johannesburg aims to achieve substantially enhanced quality of life for all. It envisages development initiatives that enable self-sustainability, improved health and life expectancy.