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09-05-2013: Bicycles and pedestrian walkways will replace private cars in new Johannesburg development


Private car usage will be significantly reduced in a future Johannesburg as the City progressively moves towards an effective public transport system, cycling lanes and pedestrian walkways.

This move will change traffic patterns, reduce travelling time and cut down on noxious carbon emissions and exhaust fumes. This will result in a cleaner, healthier environment and improvements in the quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors.

This arose from Johannesburg City Executive Mayor’s State of the City Address (SOCA) today (Thursday May 9, 2013).

High-density residential development, supported by an accessible transport network consisting of regular buses and light commuter rail will draw people into the core areas of the City.

The living areas will be located in close proximity to office developments and surrounded by opportunities for shopping, leisure and recreation. Mixed-use development will spring up around transport nodes along the “Corridors of Freedom” bringing schools, clinics, police stations and government offices much closer to communities.

Such developments will eliminate the need for private transport on a daily basis. People will be able to walk or cycle to most destinations and facilities located close to their homes or make use of public transport for medium-distance trips.

The urban design will strongly encourage this move away from private car usage. Streets and sidewalks will be designed to facilitate the use of bicycles and safety measures will create an amenable environment for pedestrians.

Parking on the street curbs will be limited and traffic calming measures will make it increasingly difficult for private vehicles to enter the new pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods.