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28-08-2013: Water Awareness Campaign For Spring Day

Spring Day is celebrated annually on the 1st of September in South Africa and it has become synonymous with a lot of water being wasted as a way to usher in the change of season.

Johannesburg Water has embarked on a water conservation awareness campaign that has been rolled out at various areas in in the city, Fine Town, Alexandra, Orlando and Kanana.

The purpose of the campaign is to educate the community on water conservation, proper use of water infrastructure with the aim of reducing water losses that we experience through pipe bursts and the abuse of water currently being experienced in the different areas.

The campaign will involve driving around in the identified areas with branded cars, loud hailing water messages and to stop on busy intersections to educate the community about water on a one on one basis.  The community will also be given educational materials that have easy everyday ways one can save water. Johannesburg Water will also be doing street corner exhibitions and the community is welcome to come and interact with the teams to get more information on how they can do their part to save water.

As it is mostly children who are prone to taking part in this Spring Day tradition; Johannesburg Water saw it fit to do presentations at schools that are located within the targeted areas, to encourage and inspire the learners to look after their resources, save water and to think of creative ways of celebrating the day.

Johannesburg Water urges all the residents of the greater Johannesburg to assist us in this venture by educating children and explaining to them why they should not waste water, why they should report water leaks and how to do their bit in their homes to save water.

We will be loud hailing at the following areas on the 31st of August and exhibiting also in the same areas on 1 September.

-           Alexandra (Ghanda Centre).

-           Fine town close to the Recreation Center.

-           Orlando ward 31 at the open space next to the Orlando stadium and BRT station.

-           Kanana ext 4 and 5, Kanana Primary School as well as the Sports Grounds.