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Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is ready for the peak season

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ), the custodian of the zoo, parks, designated open spaces, nature reserves, street trees and cemeteries, has finalized its proactive  seasonal plan in anticipation of the peak summer season to optimally deliver horticultural and conservation services in the City of Joburg (CoJ). 

Proactive plans include weekly rosters of both internally managed and contractor serviced plans, where a total of 52 contractors have been accredited and approved. Additionally, JCPZ has put in place a 24hour emergency team to respond to complaints logged about trees that have fallen due to inclement weather.  
Residents are urged to maintain the grass verges adjacent to their homes as a collective effort to support the call to action of the “A Re Sebetseng” volunteer programme aimed at retaining litter free and well maintained public spaces. 
Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo’s horticultural and conservation plans are tailored to effectively deliver on the entity’s mandate to provide proactive services in a hassle free, cost effective and well ​managed manner to restore pride and dignity in our City in line with the City’s priority to offer service with pride and dignity. 
Focused weekly detailed horticultural and conservation plans together with the categorised list of facilities can be found on JCPZ is committed to setting high standards of customer care whilst aiming for efficient delivery of core services and simultaneously ensuring the attainment of targets outlined in the business plan and CoJ Service Delivery Agreement (SDA).  
The peak season plans from October 2017 to March 2018 are outlined below: 
 Metropolitan Centre, 158 Loveday Street. Braamfontein 
P O Box 1049, Johannesburg, 2000 
Tel: +27 11 407 7558  Fax: +27 11 339 5704 
Facility Category Peak Season 
(October – December’17) 
Peak Season 
(January – March’18) 
Flagship Parks 12 cycle 12 cycles 
Develop Parks 3 cycle 3 cycles 
Undeveloped Parks 1 cycle 1 cycle 
Main Arterials 3 cycles 3 cycles 
Landscaped Islands & Town 
6 cycles 6 cycles 
Maintenance of cemetery (Active) 6 cycles 6 cycles 
Maintenance of cemetery (Passive) 3 cycles 3 cycles 
Johannesburg Botanical Gardens 12 cycles 12 cycles 
The Wilds 12 cycles 12 cycles 
Flagship Nature Reserves 12 cycles 12 cycles 
Ridges\Koppies 1 cycle 1 cycle 
Flagship Bird Sanctuaries 3 cycles 3 cycles 
Alien Vegetation 12.5 ha 12.5 ha 
Wetlands Rehabilitation 2 wetlands 2 wetlands 
Invasive Plants Control 1 area 1 area 
Reed Control  1 area 1 area 
Cleaning of river trails 60 ha 60 ha   
In line with our commitment to keeping the city and all its amenities clean for use and enjoyment by the residents and visitors of the city, a litter picking programme will be rolled out during the December 2017 public holidays focusing only on flagship parks during the following dates: 
 16th - 17th December 2017  23rd – 26th December 2017  31st December 2017  1st January 2018 
JCPZ appeals to residents to centralize the registration of requests for services with the Joburg Connect Call Centre on 011 375-5555 by selecting option #0 and securing a reference number.  
Working through the Joburg Connect Call Centre provides the residents with the assurance that their requests will be dealt with speedily and within the pre-scribed turnaround times.   
Media Enquiries 
Ayanda Radebe 
Acting Media Liaison: Office of MMC Sifumba Community Development 
T: 011 407 6549 
C: 060 971 2603