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456 new title deeds delivered to the residents of Lufhereng

​Today, the Chairperson of Section 79 responsible for Housing, Cllr Suzanne Clarke and I, delivered 456 title deeds to beneficiaries of state-subsidised housing in Lufhereng.

As the new administration, we understand the importance role of home ownership in the lives of our residents.

Home ownership empowers our residents, giving them and their families the security of permanent occupation and allowing them to feel safe.

Sadly, the dignity of living within a home, let alone the ownership of one, is not felt by many of our residents to the mismanagement and inaction of past administrations.

That is why this administration has dedicated itself to speeding up the delivery of title deeds so that beneficiaries have legal ownership of the property where they reside.

The City of Johannesburg will continue working tirelessly to rollout the provision of home ownership to communities.

The Housing Department has further committed itself to ensuring that all completed housing units are allocated by the end of 2017/18 financial year.
During the tabling of the 2017/18 Budget, it was announced that the City has allocated an operating budget of R152 million and a multi-year capital budget of R1.9 billion to fund the Johannesburg Social Housing Company’s (JOSHCO) purchase of buildings within the inner city.

Currently, the City is also making 12 buildings available for the purpose of creating quality low income within the inner city by working with the private sector.

Added to this, the City has allocated R66 million towards our shift to focus on the Site and Service housing development approach.

This involves the provision of fully serviced plots of land, onto which beneficiaries can be settled.

For too long, our residents were forced to live in desperate circumstances due to past administrations’ failure to provide adequate housing. Breaking from the past, we are doing business unusual.

We are committed to reversing these circumstances, realising our residents’ constitutional right to housing and improving the overall welfare.

We will continue striving for the decent lives which all our residents deserve.

Cllr Mzobanzi Ntuli 
MMC for Housing

For further information, please contact:

Buntukazi Xuba
Deputy Director: Communications - Department of Housing
082 776 6926