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Armed robber​s killed during shoot-out with JMPD and SAPS

At about 12:40 on 18 January 2017, officers of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department K9-Unit and SAPS Brixton Flying Squad received a tip-off from the Crime Intelligence Unit that four suspects were planning to rob a business on Corie Road in Ramrandt Park.
Upon arrival at the scene, they approached the suspects and identified themselves as law enforcement officials. The suspects immediately drew their guns and began to fire at the police officers, prompting the officers to return fire.
Two suspects were killed and one suffered serious injuries. The injured suspect was taken to Tembisa Hospital and the fourth suspect, unharmed, is being detained at the Sandringham SAPS.

Three unlicensed firearms were recovered from the suspects. The suspects are between the ages of 23 and 31 years old. The surviving suspects will face serious criminal charges and once convicted, can expect hefty jail sentences.

I am glad that the police officers were unharmed and that the criminals got the short end of the stick.

My sincerest gratitude goes to these brave SAPS and JMPD K9 officers. I know the JMPD officer personally and I consider him a true crime-buster. Criminals will learn that they will not win as we fully support our police men and women in their fight against crime.

For more details please contact:

Luyanda Longwe

Stakeholder Manager: Office of the MMC for Public Safety

061 4960 536