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The Department of Public Safety Emergency Management Services (EMS) has today officially opened the Cosmo City Fire Station. 
The Cosmo City Fire Station will service the community of Cosmo City and provide support to the neighbouring Diepsloot and Lonehill Fire Stations.
A brand new state of the art fire engine will also be delivered to the fire station. This new fire engine will ensure that the residents receive the speedy and effective emergency rescue service they deserve.
MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun says: “I am excited to finally see this project reach fruition. This project has been our priority since the new political term as we know that the fast expanding Cosmo City is in dire need of its own fire station. Many of the officials in EMS have been working tirelessly to ensure that the fire station is established so we can all get to work without delay”.  
The Cosmo City Fire Station is a multi-purpose station and is home to the eighth BE SAFE CENTER in the City which is used by the EMS Public Information Educational Relations team to educate the youth about the importance of fire safety. 
The facility has a swimming pool which will be used in conjunction with Swim SA to teach children about water safety and how to respond to a water related incident. There is also a fitness centre so the firefighters can maintain their fitness level. 
A platoon of 21 fire fighters and paramedics will be deployed at Cosmo City. The Department has dedicated R 11 million rand to an EMS Reservist Development Program to capacitate over 200 reservist so as to prepare them for the firefighter’s qualification assessment. We are also planning to hire more firefighters to further capacitate the Cosmo City Fire Station. We encourage the youth from Cosmo City to actively engage the department when recruitment process commences.
“The fire station will give much needed relief to surrounding fire stations such as Randburg and Huntershill which also support the emergency services to the area. I want to personally thank all those involved in the establishment of the Cosmo City Fire Station and trust that the community will work with us to ensure that the station is a success.” said MMC Sun.

For more details please contact: 

Luyanda Longwe: Stakeholder Manager: Office of the MMC for Public Safety 
061 4960 536​​