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​Yesterday, former Jozi@Work employees from Alexandra, whose contracts expired in December 2017, overturned the vehicle of a Pikitup service provider (The Waste Group) and held staff hostage. 

These violent protests and disruptions have been ongoing since 2 January 2018 when new short term contracts were entered into with EPWP beneficiaries, pending Pikitup’s rolls out of a new community upliftment programme. 
The former Jozi@Work employees are accusing Pikitup of not informing them of the expiry date of their contract. However, the employees signed a contract which stipulates a clear start and end date.
It is unacceptable that Pikitup and EPWP workers are prevented from executing their responsibilities by these protestors. Pikitup is entrusted with cleaning the City to ensure our residents live in an environment they can be proud of, and that investment is lured to the City which will lead to more job creation. 
The non-collection of waste in Alexandra will lead to unnecessary health risks. 
The City’s stance is clear about the temporary and rotational nature of these contracts and have at no point stated or implied that anyone would be entitled to an extension, or that any contracts would result in permanent employment. 
Pikitup, together with other municipal institutions responsible for safety and security, have been trying to restore calm to the situation. Unfortunately, the former Jozi@Work employees remain determined to disrupt services. 
Criminal charges were laid at the Alexandra Police Station against the protesters. 
I have also requested the assistance of JMPD in securing the safety of our staff and ensuring service delivery continuous. 
Media enquiries:
Cllr Nico de Jager 
MMC: Environment and Infrastructure Services Department 
083 899 2127  ​