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​Historically the Durban Deep School in Roodepoort, as well as the immediate surrounding area, was solely dependant on a water supply that originally came from an old mine hospital which has since closed down.

It is understood that the Gauteng Department of Education provided water tanks to this particular school subsequent to the mine hospital closing, however stagnation in this respect posed a threat of contamination to the children enrolled within the school.

The growing concern around the lack of quality of water in this area prompted the school to temporarily close down whilst seeking a permanent solution.

Councillors as well as officials within the City of Johannesburg extensively engaged Province on the issue with the result that a new connection was paid for.

The Department of Environment and Infrastructure Services fast tracked the application in record time and I am delighted to confirm that water meters were installed at the Durban Deep School this past weekend. The school now houses proper running water facilities and children are urged to return to school.

Joburg Water is glad to have intervened in ensuring that children do not lose any further time away from their schooling.

Education is key to the growing young leaders of our country, and we all need to ensure that no delays in terms of services delivery prevent our children from being able to access their right to education.

​Cllr Leah Knott
Political Head 
Region C

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