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This morning, I was informed that Operation #BuyaMthetho collected R30.5 million yesterday from a company whose account was in arrears.  The company has also entered into an acknowledgement of debt (AOD) to settle the outstanding balance of R23 million over a period of 6 months.

I commend the Operation #BuyaMthetho team for the sterling work that they are doing.

Over 2000 accounts that are in arrears have been identified.  Residents of Johannesburg will be left shocked in the next coming weeks when we continue with our operation to these well-known businesses and establishment that do not pay for services.

Since the operation launched three weeks ago, we have collected over R50-million in revenue, identified 12 hijacked properties, and arrested 8 people for illegally reconnecting services that was previously cut off.  
We have also targeted 116 accounts that were in arrears across Johannesburg.

I would like to commend those that came forward and paid and those that made payment arrangements with the City.

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) has been monitoring properties where services have been cut off to ensure that services are not illegally reconnected.  If they are reconnected the owners will be arrested immediately.

I have every faith that the JMPD, working with our law enforcement partners, will do all it can to ensure lawbreakers are held to account.

Operation #BuyaMthetho is a multi-departmental operation aimed at enforcing by-laws and bringing the rule of law to the City of Johannesburg. It is a joint operation between all key City departments and entities such as the City’s Group Forensic and Investigation Service (GFIS), JMPD, Environmental Health, Social Development, Infrastructure Services, the City’s legal department, and Development Planning to name but a few.

This operation will be conducted on a daily basis, as a ward based “raid” initiative.

The City, working with all state enforcement agencies, will not leave any stone unturned when dealing with criminal activities within our area of jurisdiction.

Cllr Herman Mashaba  
Executive Mayor   
City of Joburg    

Media Enquiries:  

Lucky Sindane 
Director: Strategic Stakeholder Management 
Group Forensic and Investigation Service 
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