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Information on the City, as well as tips and advice on safety, are again being offered through the public safety mall campaign.
THE public safety mall campaign run by the City of Johannesburg is in full swing and is set to continue at a cracking pace, with the next one taking place on Saturday, 29 January at Diepsloot Mall in Region A from 10am to 3pm.


City departmentsCity departments will be on hand to educate shoppers about services offered by the CityIt kicked off last weekend at the Pan Africa Mall in Alexandra, in Region E; the campaign will be hosted at a mall in every City region over the next two months.

“Our objective is to provide a service delivery platform for residents and shoppers to be able to put a face to the City of Johannesburg workers, publicise the programmes they are working on and educate people about using the emergency 10177 number,” said the director of marketing, Tshidi Mlaba.

Joburg’s marketing unit drives the campaign, with other municipal-owned entities (MOEs) and departments the passengers. These include the metro police, emergency management services, Johannesburg Roads Agency and Joburg Water. Representatives of the respective regions are included in the day’s activities.

The Joburg Market recently became involved in the campaign, after the City found that shoppers were interested in learning about healthy lifestyles, what foods they should be eating and how to prepare them.

Libraries, the Joburg Zoo and the Joburg Theatre have also got involved in the action as they try to raise awareness of what they do and give useful advice to people. “One area where we have had no joy is literacy. We are planning campaigns to combat the problem [and] that is why we thought it would be a good idea to get libraries involved at this level,” she said.


The Joburg Market will be taking part for the first time in the mall campaignsThe Joburg Market will be taking part in the mall campaignsThe Migrant Helpdesk has become a popular addition, as it addresses the issues of adjusting to life in Joburg.

These entities each have a stall, and the City has started to provide a spare table for any department or MOE that wants to join in on the day. Stallholders distribute helpful leaflets and answer any questions people may have. Leaflets include information about CPR, road safety, electricity connections, by-laws and water tips.

It is not all leaflets and information, though. “We provide fun and entertainment, and we also have prizes which we give out based on a quiz session about information published in the brochures,” she said. At the campaign in the Pan Africa Mall on Saturday, visitors who answered the questions correctly won supermarket vouchers.

The campaign is also an opportunity for the City to present itself as a top-class employer. “We are the number one employer in the city, and people come and ask how they can get jobs with us.”

But ultimately, the main aim of the project is the interaction between residents and City employees. “It is a nice opportunity and challenge for us to get to know our target audience. It is important that residents get to know and trust us.”

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