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More and more businesses are returning to downtown Joburg, fuelled by public and private regeneration efforts. And where there are workers, there must be food.
SANDWICHED between the towering office blocks of downtown Joburg lies a hidden gem. Walk past in a hurry and you may just miss it.

Mandla Ndlovu, owner of Slicy DeliciousMandla Ndlovu, owner of Slicy Delicious“It” is health restaurant Slicy Delicious, the latest addition to a string of businesses that are flocking back into the inner city.
Opened on 1 June on the corner of Commissioner and Rissik streets, this may seem an ambitious location for a restaurant, perched next to an optometrist and in full view of the never-ending stream of traffic. Yet it turns out this is actually the ideal place to set down roots.

Mandla Ndlovu, the owner and business development manager of the restaurant, says: “There are lots of office blocks in the area, and this is our target audience. Being in the CBD makes it a good location for meetings and lunch breaks.”

The idea first sprouted in August 2010, and it took the intervening 10 months to get established and open the doors. The restaurant is based on a simple premise of “healthier and leaner”. “We are trying to capitalise on people’s attitudes to health, as well as push health consciousness,” Ndlovu says.

But if thoughts of roving packs of bean sprouts and rabid broccoli are drifting across your mind, there’s no need to worry. Options such as muesli and fruit, crunchy salads and healthy but flavour-filled sandwiches abound at Slicy Delicious, while hearty old favourites such as juicy burgers, wraps, curries and oxtail stew are also on the menu.

“Our food is one of our value propositions,” explains Ndlovu. “Our chef, who worked in Cape Town before, is well-experienced.” This experience comes through in not only the taste, but in the presentation as well. A wrap may just be a tortilla filled with edibles, but at Slicy Delicious it doesn’t look like an unknown mass thrown together on a plate.

Slicy Delicious in the Joburg CBDSlicy Delicious in the Joburg CBDFresh ingredients are combined to provide a simple but tasty meal, which will be enough to get you through the working afternoon.
What makes it even more tempting is the restaurant’s free delivery service, which operates within the CBD and in surrounding areas such as Braamfontein and Parktown. You can order from the comfort of your office chair, either by phoning 011 338 5019, emailing or online. The full menu can also be viewed on the website.

“The deliveries have been successful so far, and our operational model is based on making deliveries,” he says. “It is a revenue earner as lots of people can’t come into town themselves during their lunch hour.”

In addition, Slicy Delicious also caters for corporate functions such as training sessions, with platters ranging from sandwich trays to finger-snack trays. The platters serve up to 15 people.

The restaurant is open from Mondays to Fridays, from 7am to 6.30pm. It only opens on Saturdays or Sundays if a corporate function has been booked, but “as time goes on, we may open seven days a week if there is demand for it”, Ndlovu says.

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