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Gloves and overalls were the order of the day, when the mayor and his team pitched in to help a massive clean up under way in Alexandra.
THE detritus that comes from daily living and trading around the Pan Africa Shopping Mall in Alexandra was swept up as Executive Mayor Amos Masondo and members of the mayoral committee headed a cleanup campaign on 3 May.


Executive mayor Amos Masondo dorns overalls to clean up Alex (Photo: Enoch lehung, City of Johannesburg)Executive mayor Amos Masondo dons overalls to clean up Alex (Photo: Enoch Lehung, City of Johannesburg)It was the third major clean up in Alex and involved City officials working alongside members of the community and organisations such as City Parks, the Johannesburg Roads Agency, Pikitup and the Community Workers Forum to educate informal traders and shop owners on the importance of cleanliness.

“We want the residents and traders to take ownership of their environment and be proud of making their environment a clean and healthy one; that in this way, residents and the City can win the war on littering, dumping and rodents, while instilling a culture of civic pride,” Masondo said.

Residents and businesses generate approximately 1,6 million tons of waste a year, of which over 250 000 is dumped illegally. Region E’s urban management team and the City have been focusing on engaging with the people of Alex about how waste such as rotting garbage, food and rubble attracts rodents, which then breed uncontrollably.

Siyakhona, an education and outreach programme to train citizen journalists, was launched in 2010 and after the six trainee journalists pinpointed the infestation of rats in Alex as a major problem, the City got involved and initiated cleanup programmes.

In line with this, officials donned overalls and gloves to tackle the debris and illustrate to residents the best way to handle waste disposal.

The City has intensified its campaign to clear streets and public places of garbage and has warned of the harsh measures put in place for those found guilty of illegal dumping, especially if they are repeat offenders. By-law enforcement has also been strengthened in this area, and wrongdoers will be prosecuted as well as run the risk of being heavily fined.

The Johannesburg metropolitan police department is responsible for enforcement and residents can report cases of illegal dumping by calling Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555 or by sending an email to



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