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Executive Mayor Parks Tau will announce the City’s budget on Wednesday. Included are new projects and programmes designed to improve Joburgers’ quality of life.
EXECUTIVE Mayor Parks Tau is expected to pronounce Joburg’s “biggest budget yet” when he delivers his maiden budget speech on Wednesday, 29 June in the Mayoral Chambers in Braamfontein.


Executive mayor Parks TauExecutive mayor Parks TauSpokesperson for the City, Virgil James said the 2011/2012 budget would be “even bigger” than last year’s budget of R28.3-billion. He said the City planned to spend 95 percent of its capital budget through various “projects and initiatives”.

In his budget, the mayor is expected to announce the City’s new projects and programmes “planned to improve people’s quality of life,” said James. “The tabling of a budget clearly indicates that there is a spending plan against which the City can be measured in terms of service delivery.”

The proposed revenue budget is approximately R29-billion and operating expenditure would be over R28.3-billion. Municipal-owned entities are expected to take a large chunk of the budget, and the biggest allocations could go to City Power and Joburg Water to expand and maintain basic services.

“As a financial planning tool the budget provides the basis for funding the City’s activities for a particular year and shows how these will be paid for. The challenge for Johannesburg is to ensure that not only the quality of existing services is maintained but also that these are expanded to provide new infrastructure,” James explained.

Allocations would also be made for housing, economic development and job creation, law enforcement, emergency management services, health, development planning and urban management, inner city regeneration, transport, the fight against HIV and Aids, and other priorities.

“All this was done within a financial framework that allows the City to provide affordable services for residents and business,” James said.

James said that 75 percent of the City’s income was generated through rates and services “and is ploughed back into the City in the form of subsidies, a social package, libraries, clinics, roads, metro policing and other community needs. The City derives its revenue from the following major sources: electricity, water and sanitation, property rates, operating and capital grants and sundry revenue”.

The budget comes after an extensive consultative process with all City stakeholders to map out a progressive direction for the metro. It will be broadcast live on community radio, including Jozi FM 105.8 FM, Eastwave FM 92.2, Thetha FM 100.6, Islam MW 1548, Eldos FM 87.6, Alex FM 89.1 FM and Radio Today 1485 AM at 11am.

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